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The Fundy Peace Foundation is a registered Canadian charity that is dedicated to working in post conflict areas. We partner with war-affected communities to provide support in rebuilding their schools, hospitals and way of life. 

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  We work to ensure that the most vulnerable people in post conflict communities have the support they need to preserve their health and find opportunities to rebuild lives.

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Respect for human rights is paramount to our projects and we believe that all members of a society have a valuable role to play in peace building, whatever their age, sex or experience.  

We endeavor to ensure that our work is respectful of the culture of the community in which a project is initiated.  We support change at a pace that is acceptable to that community in order to respect the beliefs necessary to establish and maintain peace. We intend to offer mentorship and support, rather than importing external expertise on a sustained basis.

We believe that change will only be sustainable when embedded in the local culture with community participation at all stages of a project. 

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